The Bixie

It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s THE BIXIE!! Coming to rescue you between having to decide between a Bob or a pixie because now you can have both! 1/2 Bob 1/2 Pixie, Briana will walk you through the step by step on how to achieve The Bixie.

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Everybody Bangs

Briana will demonstrate that everybody has the ability to wear a bang if it is customized for them. We will be be demonstrating six different types of bangs going over how to approach different hair textures, hair density and face shape to show all of the different bangs that can be utilized to bring out all of your clients best features and compliment your client’s specific face shape.

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The Mermaid Shag

The Mermaid Shag is the perfect haircut to take your clients long layers to the next level. 


In this course I’ll teach you how I cut a custom, shaggy face frame with extreme concave layers and disconnection to maintain my clients’ length!

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The Versatile Mullet


This artsy, versatile look is on the rise. In this course you’ll learn to craft and customize multiple haircuts from one key technique. This course will help you master some key scissors cutting techniques to deliver this in-demand look.

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The Soft Razor Bob

This versatile haircut works wonders on almost all hair textures and hair densities. The Soft Razor Bob gives the hair a light, soft airiness with maximum movement and a beautiful grow-out giving your clients style incredible longevity. Little to no styling is needed but a gentle wave gives this look just the right effortless style to reflect its textured softness.

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The Soft Pixie

The SOFT PIXIE is a super versatile, artfully crafted haircut, that every stylist needs to know.

In this class you will master this highly sought after version of the pixie haircut, where we focus on executing and perfecting your technique with visual and emotional execution. This class is crucial to curating a look for someone that will last and that will have your clients feeling their best in.

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Long Modern Layers

A cut that will make your long haired clients, clients for life!

Master the #1 most requested haircut. This customizable, long-layered haircut is not your average take on this look. This course will teach you to create movement and detailing to give this cut a modern edge!

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The Blunt Bob

Cutting square blunt lines might seem like a difficult task, but I'm going to show you how to do it the right way every time!

This class covers wet and dry cutting  approaches for getting that perfect clean line and will help you master precision hair cutting!

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The French Disconnection

Learn how to beautifully marry the strength of classic techniques with the softness of  lived-in looks that are so popular today. The utilization of disconnected sections is something that will add value and be applied to so many different haircuts. Learn how to create looks that spin off of classic haircuts add character and value to your body of work.

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The Shag

Everyone loves a good Shag!

This fun haircut frames your client’s face while allowing them to keep as much length as they want. You can take it as edgy or as commercial as you want it! 

In this class I'll teach you how to adjust the cut according to each of your client's needs!

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Hot Curls

Learn how to shape curls for a haircut that will last!

This dry cutting technique is a great way to allow proper curl bounce back at the exact length your clients want. Discover how to encourage curl patterns to be at their best naturally!

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Blonding Placement

Your client comes in with 5 different inspiration photos. All with different techniques and tonal directions! What do you do?? In the Blonding Placement class you will learn how to create you own technique to best satisfy your clients needs. 

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Balayage With a Twist


This Balayage technique is as effective as it is impressive. The looks I’ve created with this technique alone have gained 2+ million views on Instagram! 

In this course you’ll learn to Create root depth while incorporating lowlight and highlights throughout the hair. Use this technique to give your client an all-over color transformation that can be easily customized for their individual needs.

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Bleaching Boys 

This technique provides  such a great way to understand the power of placement and the intensional incorporation of depth!! Not just for boys, but perfect for them! It’s a keeper year round.


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Foiling 101

Foiling efficiently is one of the best ways to maximize your time with your clients. The focus of this course is to help you master best practices when foiling. In this course I apply my version of a partial weave, putting emphasis on how to place each individual foil. You’ll learn what to look out for when foiling. This class is essential for learning the foundational skills for any stylist wanting to cut on the time it takes them to foil.

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Going Darker: Formulating and Pre-Pigmenting

Pre-pigmenting is a crucial step that we don’t talk about often enough! In a world where we use so many different techniques to lift and lighten our clients up to higher and higher levels, taking them back down the level chart will be just a matter of time. This course will prepare you for that day!

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BoHo Balayage

Boho balayage creates multi-dimensional and multi-tonal effects while achieving a seamless blend from root throughout ends. This look is perfect for a client who wants to go lighter all over and keep their color low-maintenance and soft.

This course will show you how to achieve an effortlessness look with a rich luxurious glow, creating ribbons of lightness all throughout your clients hair.

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Modern 90s

Like it or not, chunky highlights are back!

Learn this new technique to give your twist on this 90s look. Learn to create a balayaged effect throughout the ends with that bright pop around the hairline that everyone loves. All the while incorporating a heavier placed highlight that moves organically throughout! It’s the best of the 90s with a modern flair!

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Hairline Detail

This course is the foundation of my work because I apply these techniques to every area of what I do.

Foilayage, balayage, and beyond, I almost always apply this hairline detailing to them all! Once you master this technique you’ll never have to tone or erase your work again!

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XPress Luxe

XPress Luxe Blonding techniques for long layers, a bob with a bang, a pixie!

Express services are an important service to offer your clients. In this class I will be teaching all about quick color applications with maximum impact that do not skimp when it comes to the quality of the look!

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Charging Hourly

Why charge hourly?

Charging hourly has given me freedom in how I run my business, steward my art and care for my family. Charging an hourly rate allows me to maintain integrity in my work and my artistry. and keeps me inspired in my own work.

In this class we'll explore how implementing hourly billing can unlock your business.

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Business Bootcamp PT 1 - The Climb


In this business building course you will learn how to set up a plan and a strategy that has proven to work. You’ll have the right mindset and steps to apply to your business that will reposition you in order to become as busy and successful as your heart desires. 


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Business Bootcamp PT 2 - Business Breakthrough 

Make your business a PART of your life, don’t let it run your life.
Your business is here to serve YOU. Hitting a plateau can be very dangerous to the health and longevity of your business and that it why it’s time to wake up and get motivated. Make the changes necessary to see you business and you personal life THRIVE!

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