We Are Renegade Royals


Renegade Royals is a network of salon-artists that are more equipped to be cutting-edge in the industry through creativity, professionalism, and unique style.

Our mission is to equip you to carry your craft with excellence while creating space to think deeply and renew vision for your work. Our team strives to create an experience that adds immense value to your career while caring for the soul of your work. Absolutely anyone can be apart and take full ownership of their growth journey. 

We believe that when you give something your all, the return is always greater. It’s not a random act of kindness, it’s intentional. Our passion is rigorous, it’s for the strong and resilient. Inspiration is a delicate goal worth fighting for. Renegade Royals is a community committed to never backing down or giving into complacency in our craft. 

We want to take every client that sits in our chair beyond their expectations.We hunger and thirst for excellence. To be a renegade you must be willing to take a risk and go against the status quo. 

Step out of your comfort zone and into your calling.

We are rebels with a cause, big kids that just want to have fun. Those who interact with our art consider us to be noble magicians, but we just simply love our craft. We believe that everyone’s hair is their crown. It’s our pride and our joy to help others tell their story.

We are Renegade Royals.




Over the course of a career spanning 18+ years, Briana Cisneros has continued to impact the hairstyling industry through her technical mastery and unique artistic approach. 

From the roots of her career as a salon co-owner in Valencia, CA to numerous television appearances and featured work in MTV, Glamour, Vogue, E News, People Magazine, OK! magazine, Life and Style, US Weekly, Modern Salon, Beauty Launch Pad and more,  Briana’s mission has always been to equip and elevate the hairstyling industry.

In addition to pursuing the cutting edge of hairstyling and fashion, Briana has devoted her efforts to developing in-person and digital education resources to help hairstylists develop and establish their own career and style. 

 "As long as I can continue to make art that is beautiful to me and brings joy to others, then I too experience joy knowing I am simply doing what I love, and was made to do.”



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